Breakaways & Conflict Resolution

This 1-day course aims to prepare the participants to manage the risk of physical assault in the workplace, giving knowledge around the use of force and the law, along with other skills to recognise, prevent and diffuse escalating situations.

Physical skills are taught in order for staff to react efficiently when they are faced with aggressors on a one to one basis, using natural reactionary response techniques in order to disengage and create a safe distance.

Delivered at your premises (if appropriate) or we can find an alternative venue.

Theory Aspects (Duration: 1 Day)

  • Health and Safety Legislation and Requirements
  • The Law (Use of force)
  • Necessity, proportionality and reasonable force
  • Public Health Model
  • Lone working
  • Fight, Flight and Freeze responses
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision making
  • Recognition of escalating behaviour
  • Post-Incident Management and Review
  • Report Writing

Physical Aspects (all de-escalation techniques have failed therefore using reasonable force to disengage as a LAST RESORT)

  • Identification of behaviours
  • Presenting in a non-aggression through stance, posture and space
  • Evading aggressive movements
  • Environment awareness
  • Breaking away from an aggressor creating space using natural reactionary responses, which include: Wrist grabs, Clothing grabs, Hair pulls, Strangles/Headlocks, Punches/kicks, Bites, Floor attacks, What If’s.

All techniques demonstrated have been risk assessed as per GSA practice

Pre Course Requirement

All participant must complete a health declaration/checklist before the commencement of the course due to the physical skills and practical elements.

Suitable clothing is advised, e.g. tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and trainers.
You may be asked to leave if your attire is not suitable.

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